Saturday, May 30, 2015

Elemental Baby Fire Fairy Paperweight in Moss Nest on Rock

We all need a little majik in our lives.  If you haven't made any crafts with fairies, witches, unicorns or zombies, or anything from the fantasy world, give it a try.  You can use colors and ideas that you can't often pull off with everyday life situations. And remember,

  "Life is too short to be cynical.  So smile, dare to believe, and leave the door open for MAGIC." - Anonymous

Last year while walking along a river next to Sun Valley, Idaho, I found a unique rock that made its own "ledge" and like many crafty-minded people I brought it home.  I never outgrew that child inside who loved to collect rocks.  And of course, any amazing rock structure needs a fairy to guard it.  Since it was a small rock, how about a baby fairy?

Here's a little photo tutorial on the how tos:
Supplies I used: Resin Baby (mold from ebay and made with Clear Cast Resin), E6000 glue, Adirondack Alcohol Inks, Copper Krylon pen, a rock, wings cut from clear plastic sheet, hot glue

Granted, this rock was magnificent even without the fairy baby, love love it's crevice.

I cut just the wings off the little cupid out of clear plastic sheeting from packaging.using Tim Holtz'  Mini Love Struck Movers & Shapers die set - you can see what it looks like here LOVE STRUCK by Tim Holtz.
After inking them, I used an embossing gun (Ranger's Heat It tool) and lightly applied heat until the wings started to curl.  I trimmed them to where they would nestle over the baby's arms and glued them on with E6000 (leave a little spot with no E6000 to add just a touch of hot glue so they will hold in place while the E6000 dries).

Thought this might be a little Fire Elemental Fairy Baby, so I touched the wings in Adirondack Inks in tones that remind me of fire.  Colors used were Lemonade, Sunset Orange, Butterscotch, and Red Pepper, then just lightly edged them with the copper toned Krylon paint pen.

Make a little "nest" on the top ledge by first layering a small piece of  Moss Mat (by SuperMoss).  To adhere it well to the rock I put a couple thin lines of E6000 on the rock then just a little hot glue (to areas where there was no E6000), to help hold the moss until the E6000 dried).  Then I just hot glued on little chunks and pieces of Reindeer Moss in two different colors, a darker sage and a lighter Chartreuse.

Since I used a "premade" baby (that sounds funny to me lol) the entire project took less than one hour.

SOooooo darling with a light behind it.

Sleep Well Little Fairy Baby

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