Thursday, June 30, 2016

POLYMER CLAY DRAGON EYES - First attempts, more to come

I've been having sooo much fun playing with polymer clay and rhinestones for two days!! ... makin' "Dragon's" Eyes !! I watched a few tutorials  and added a few of my own techniques and came up with some fun stuff.  Most all of them have loops where I can connect chains, ribbons, gems, and crystals to the top and bottom- If there's enough interest I'll make a video showing what I did different than the videos I watched.  To see the video tutorials I watched on Youtube to get inspired CLICK HERE and for another video, CLICK HERE TOO :)

My lighting isn't very good so the photos are not showing the vivid colors but here's some photos!!!

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  1. OMG....i´m so in Love...i will try it to....WOWWWWWW.....