Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Clean and Organized Craft Space?

I try to keep my home basically clean and organized, with one exception - my craft tables! My husband often says he doesn't have a clue how I find anything in my craft area. I found several similar quotes attributed to a variety of authors (so I don't know who originally said something similar) but it perfectly expressed my sarcastic response.  I applied it to a photo of my crafting / studying spot I took this morning while working on a Halloween wand ... mwhaha

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Spiders made from Beads and Wire - in time for Halloween

There are many tutorials online showing how to make a variety of beaded spiders.  I would have never guessed they were so easy to make until I came across this 3 minute video by BeadClub.  My nieces and I spent 2 nights watching tv, making spiders, and enjoying conversation.  They are soooo much fun!  The video I watched is no longer available on YouTube but I found another easy to follow tutorial by Emilie Lefler (you can easily search for others as well) Here's a link to the quick video and a few pictures of my first creations. BEAD SPIDER TUTORIAL by Emilie Lefler