Sunday, March 5, 2017

Steampunk Prima Julie Nutting Doll Tag with Resin Wings & Corset, Peacock Feather, & Top Hat

Adore making tags with Julie Nutting's Prima Doll Tags.  I joined an "open theme" swap in MAS and decided to do a Steampunk Doll.  I combined two doll stamps because I wanted the long legs and smaller shoulders so the corset would fit.  First I made some wings & a corset from resin. The Top Hat and skirt are from embossed material I found at my local Walmart that looked like real leather.  The large Gear Die is Sizzix and the smaller Gear die is Tim Holtz.  Both dies are covered in Anna Griffin's glitter paper.   Background paper covering the tag is by Paper Wishes.  A chain for hanging and folded a piece of filigree I found on ebay for extra decor.  Added a small chain to the side with a few little embellies and some doll hair ... she's ready to hit the town!

The rhinestoned trim along the boots and hat is from my stash, not sure how many years it has been stuck in one of my ribbon drawers.  The small gears on the hat are also from resin.  All resin pieces were painted black and touched with copper Inka Gold.

On the back I pulled out some long forgotten punches, a GIANT oval and scallop oval.  The corset paper is Graphic 45.  The piece on the bottom is resin I molded and some beaded fringe was hot glued along the base.  Love how the peacock feather pokes out all over.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Super Strong Reinforced Binding Photo Tutorial for Handmade Custom Mini Albums Using Stacked Deck Hidden Hinge folding Cardstock and Tyvek

About 6 years ago I was using this method of binding my mini albums and still find it is the best for me after all these years.  I made this post on my OLD blog Put The Glue Down but had a few friends ask me for it, so here it is !  There are many tutorials online and years ago I watched several and put them together in what suited me the best.  I have no idea who the first to do anything was or I would give them credit.  At this point I think we are all just enjoying the hodgepodge of ideas and having fun creating - and that is what it all is about.

I'm just going to copy and post most of this, if there are typos ... blame the old me from years ago :D

First - get yourself one of those Tyvek mailers (or a piece of Tyvek from the hardware store or Amazon) they're the ones that are hard to tear but they're a different material than paper (but not exactly plastic either) - Here's one that's been used (because it's not legal to use free USPS materials for anything than shipping with USPS= but it does say to "recycle" the used ones so ...

Cut the Tyvek and a piece of cardstock the same size (the color you choose will be inside your book).Cut them as tall as your mini album will be (say a 6" mini album would need a piece of cardstock and Tyvek 6" tall and a minimum of 11" long for a 5 page mini album) glue the 2 pieces together using a STRONG glue or Xyron .. NO glue sticks!! I like E6000 spray but some people don't, you can use whatever you like as long as it will give a good bind without being bulky.  Let dry thoroughly.  If you are using the E6000 spray, remember to spray completely on one of the pieces and press hard, keep pressing occasionally and let dry COMPLETELY before moving to the next step (usually about 4-5 minutes with the E6000 spray). 
This sounds confusing, but it isn't, just look at the photo ...You will leave 1.5"  or more on each end of the paper/tyvek piece.  Start in the middle, score in the middle. On each side of the middle score line, do a scoreline 1/2 inch away - then a score 1/4" away on each side, then a 1/2" score on each side, then another 1/2" score, then a 1/4"  - do this until you have as many page holders as you need (a page holder is 2 of the 1/2" scorelines, when folded on the scoreline, the 1/4" spacers just leave ample room for your embellishments).  Remember to leave AT LEAST 1.5" on each end to hold your covers.

Fold on lines - Mountain folds between 1/2" sections and Valley Folds where 1/4" meets a 1/2" section ... On the back side, where the Tyvek is, put a piece of ScorPal Tape,Terrifically Tacky tape, or strong glue if you use several clips till totally dry, between the 1/2" sections to hold them together,  You will be attaching your pages on these. 

I'm making two bindings for 2 different books at the same time -- that's why you will see two in the pictures below.  After you stick together the 1/2" sections, use a bone folder and press the creases. Push the 1/2 sections to the other direction and press well again.  
Push the ridges back and forth to get them limbered-up for the turning of your pages  - don't forget that little 1/4" on each end (the one right before you get to the 1.5+" space on the very end ... those will be the ones that hold your front and back covers with a spine cover between.

Use a Black Sharpie marker, or a touch of black alcohol ink to touch up little edges where the tyvek is showing through and 

You prefer a flexible spine and not one covered by chipboard.  If you want a flexible spine and want "extreme" reinforcement (I'm always afraid a drop or tug will destroy a book I've worked on so I usually go this extra mile ---

Cut another piece of Tyvek and another piece of paper the same size as your binding.  Glue the Tyvek to the paper (this paper will be what everybody sees as your spine).  Let dry completely.  Once dry, you can emboss it - paint it or any treatment you desire BEFORE attaching it to your page binding.

If you want to emboss your spine cover, now's the time to do that.  I ran these through a Tim Holtz Halloween embossing folder and more embossing on the edges with a steampunk folder (you can see that in the video below) and then put a drip of  white acrylic paint on a paper towel and lightly brushed over the embossed image.

Now attach (strong glue again, the ScorPal or Terrifically Tacky tape) the binding piece to the spinal cover piece (You will be gluing the 2 Tyvek sides together).  Make SURE you get the edges and corners glued together well. 
If you use a strong glue instead of ScorPal or other tacky tape, make sure you clip it tight and let complete dry before using for your book.  A week bonding glue will not work well for this project or last over years of using your book. 

Now just add your pages and covers.  
Here is a Steampunk Halloween Mini Album that I made from this bind.
Sorry if the video makes you seasick, YouTube said "we see your video is shaky, would you like us to fix that ?" I clicked YES and .. now it's not shaky .. but it's wavy and weavy lol.

If you have ANY questions or something isn't clear, please don't hesitate to leave a comment and I'll see if it is something I can help you understand.  Thanks for lookin'.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mountain Town Snow Globe Shaker Card using Tim Holtz and Stampin' Up Products (TH Snowglobe Thinlit dies) - Handmade Christmas / Holiday card

two layers of foam - the card is thick to allow room for the snow (mica flakes and silver/gold glitter) to easy "shake" around, used Bazzill paper, snowflake stamps (Martha Stewart) in background embossed with white embossing powder, metal Tim Holtz idea-ology word tag, red twine from a Dollar Store, snow flakes on corners where molded from white resin and touched with Ranger Stickles, punched edgings from Stampin' Up punches.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Harley Quinn and Brown-eyed Bride Wedding Handmade Cards using Anna Griffin, Tim Holtz products and Three Birds Studios stamps

I usually stick to Halloween, Steampunk, Gothic or holiday crafts but I have a niece's bday next month who loves Harley Quinn and a wonderful friend is getting married in December ... so it was time to pull out the cutesy Three Birds Studio girls stamps, some Ranger / Tim Holtz texture paste and Distress Inks , Spectrum Noir markers, Anna Griffin dies and sentiment stickers .. Flowers and Feathers from my stash.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Village Combining Villiage, Bungalow, and Manor Tim Holtz Dies, Moss, Popsicle Sticks, and lots of Embellishments

Every building has 1-5 battery powered tea lights - I combined several of Tim Holtz' Village dies (including Vintage Village, Village Bungalow, Village Brownstone, Village Manor, Village Rooftops, Village Bell Tower) to create my own version of a haunted village.  Also used his Cobblestone, Gothic Gate, On the Fence), and Sizzix Where Women Cook Box House Die.
Used 4 Vintage Village houses, 2 Manor toppers and the Manor door, 2 of the Bungalow windows to make a fun "big" scary manor, The little mailbox actually opens to reveal a tiny envelope.  Inside the envelope .. yep, a letter to the witch.  Tim Holtz Idea-ology Pumpkin Pieces & Boneyard Bones, some moss and mushrooms from my stash and I made a resin molded cat, skull and "brick" fence piece.  The "siding" is broken up popsicle sticks.

Every HAUNTED village needs a Witch Apothecary where the citizens can get their potions and herbs.  Combined 2 Manor doors, a Bungalow window and 2 Brownstone houses.  A resin skull face wearing a great plastic Top Hat welcomes you in after you've looked at all the herbs (bones & snake) drying in the yard.


back of climbin roses

pulled glue to give the cobweb appearance

 Tim Holtz' Gothic Gate and Boneyard Bones welcomes you to the city cemetary
I made some resin skulls and tombstones that are guarded over by a Tim Holtz Idea-ology Salvaged Doll

 What village doesn't have an eatery?? A glamour witch owns the Witch's Kitchen (obviously she's glamorous, who else would have a purple glitter roof).  She kept true to her parking rules ... if you aren't a witch, you will be "Toad"

A manor house with bone steps

A pumpkin patch is patrolled by a black kitty with green eyes ... white spotted red mushrooms popped up around the mail box, around the fence .. even one on the roof.  A black bird overlooks the pumpkins, probably hoping for a mouse to run between the vines.

 of course there's a tiny envelope in the mailbox (and it does open to reveal a little message on a letter to the witch that lives in the house).  A chopstick left over from a noodle restaurant makes for a great mailbox post.

 Gray cardstock cut with Tim Holtz' COBBLESTONE die made for a fantastic walkway.
The fence-topped Manor roofs are NOT attached.  That way I can just pick them up to turn the battery operated tea lights inside each manor topper off and on.

Thanks for looking. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Halloween Witch Prima Nutting Doll Tag with Tim Holtz Crazy Cats

I joined my first Prima doll tag swap at MAS last month (Beach was the theme) and I fell in love with these darling stamps.  Yes, Julie Nutting has been designing these stamps for quite some time but I have avoided them and all their ooey gooey cuteness.  Since I received 2 of the stamps from MAS members when I was the "Cat's Meow" (a gift swap) I had to put them to good use - so I joined the swap due on October 1.  The theme was Autumn/Halloween.

Here's what I came up with:

Embossed the stamped images with white embossing powder.  Pulled out some old flowers and the Stampin' Up HodgePodge metals.   The background is dyed texture paste and the Harlequin Stencil by Tim Holtz.

The back is just a simple pocket (with a tombstone mwhahaha) so I can put my swap information on the tag.

Since I didn't have a hat stamp big enough I just hand cut out one and rolled the edges in pigment ink and white embossing power to try and make it match as much as possible ... OHH and googly eyes for the cat!!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dragon's Eye View -- Tin altered to Red Dragon Eye with Leaves - Polymer Clay

While waiting for some errands, I saw yard sales signs ... quite disappointing.  Literally 5 little boxes of broken items, dust, and little things a lady had pulled out of her storage unit.  She was so nice I felt I should buy something so I found a little dented tin that looked like it once held a Mickey Mouse watch from Walmart, it was about 4 inches x 6 inches in size. She said 25 cents and I handed over a quarter ... got home, pulled out the white clay .. the paint .. a piece of glass and the rest is just a Dragon's Eye view ...

Thursday, June 30, 2016

POLYMER CLAY DRAGON EYES - First attempts, more to come

I've been having sooo much fun playing with polymer clay and rhinestones for two days!! ... makin' "Dragon's" Eyes !! I watched a few tutorials  and added a few of my own techniques and came up with some fun stuff.  Most all of them have loops where I can connect chains, ribbons, gems, and crystals to the top and bottom- If there's enough interest I'll make a video showing what I did different than the videos I watched.  To see the video tutorials I watched on Youtube to get inspired CLICK HERE and for another video, CLICK HERE TOO :)

My lighting isn't very good so the photos are not showing the vivid colors but here's some photos!!!