Thursday, June 30, 2016

POLYMER CLAY DRAGON EYES - First attempts, more to come

I've been having sooo much fun playing with polymer clay and rhinestones for two days!! ... makin' "Dragon's" Eyes !! I watched a few tutorials  and added a few of my own techniques and came up with some fun stuff.  Most all of them have loops where I can connect chains, ribbons, gems, and crystals to the top and bottom- If there's enough interest I'll make a video showing what I did different than the videos I watched.  To see the video tutorials I watched on Youtube to get inspired CLICK HERE and for another video, CLICK HERE TOO :)

My lighting isn't very good so the photos are not showing the vivid colors but here's some photos!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

WIP - Dragon Eye Pendant Charms from Polymer Clay & Glass

I've been reading some of the books on the dragon aspects in World of Warcraft lore (yes that's my old lady gaming vice) and decided to make Dragon Eye charms for the upcoming Midsummer Night's Dream Enchanted Forest Chunky Charm Swap at MAS.  I watched probably no less than 12 videos on YouTube and sat down with my clay and glass pebbles.  I had made some several years ago but these are looking much better.  So much inspiration on YT -- after I perfect these a bit I'll post more pics.  If you need inspiration just search "Dragon Eye Clay" on YouTube and you'll find dozens of videos.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Basic Silicone Mold and Resin Mixing Coloring Information

Playing with resins is a LOT of fun.   I use resin embellishments on almost every craft I have created.  But, it wasn't long ago that I was timid toward the stuff because I had NO idea how to use it and I didn't want to waste money, I didn't know what was the easiest products to use for a beginner.  Merry at Mini Album Scraps asked me to make a video so just we, basic crafters, would know what to do if they found a little piece or necklace they wanted to turn into an embellishment, so here ya go !! I made 3 videos showing Types of Molds, How to Make Your Own Molds, and How to Use that Resin.  I show a few products that I found the easiest to use for a novice crafter who just wants to have fun.

Here's the first one that just tell you a little bit of info on Molds
Here's the second one that gives info and demonstrations on using products to make your own silicone molds

And the third one that shows some resin products, adding color to resin if you don't have pigment powders, and a few demonstrations even making two toned cabochons.