Friday, May 15, 2015

Altered Bottle into Grunge Steampunk Gothic Night Light using Lumiere Metallic Acrylics

Once a glass Heinz Ketchup bottle, now a funky steampunky gothicy night light.

Santa looks more "viking" with wings glued to his head.  This Santa face was made years and years ago from extra UTEE that I had melted in my Melt Art Pot.  I figured if I never used him I could just remelt him later.

The top just screws off in case I ever want to change the lights out.

The REALLY big gear is from a mold I made from a gear found in a retro cassette player that my niece (Amber) and I  took apart. It's over 2 inches in diameter and is now one of my favorite embellishments to use, this one is made from the 10 minute Amazing Casting Resin. The thicker small gears are made from resin using the Modge Podge mold titled "Industrial".

To fill in around the diamond shape and in some empty spots, I ran some hot glue and let it dry before painting with gesso.

The roses were from my first try rolling clay thin and trying to make roses, they were a very ugly blue and were not attractive, don't know why I kept them until this project came along.  The face you can see was split before I baked the clay but even damaged embellies can find a home on some altered mixed media projects.
The lid is adorned with another of the giant resin gears I made and a few metal jacks from my stash.

 Thanks to black gesso and Lumiere Metallic Acrylics (colors used:  Halo Blue Gold, Metallic Gold and Citrine) -  I went through my stash of charms and embellishments that I had made when playing around with molds and clay and resins and pulled out a bunch that had been sitting for years that I had never used.  I painted the bottle with gesso (leaving a diamond shape on opposing sides so I could see the light strand) and let it dry thoroughly.  Attached the embellies with E6000 (and a touch of hot glue to hold them in place while the E6000 dried),  Painted the entire creation with black gesso then highlighted certain areas with Lumiere Paints and a little bit of Krylon Gold paint pen).  Added a little tule/chain (from Walmart) around the cap, and just stuck a strand of battery operated rice light into the bottle.  Makes for a great eye catcher and fun way to light up little spaces at night.