Monday, June 2, 2014

Altered Wine Corks - Steampunk Nautical / Ocean and Victorian

I love love love altering wine corks.  I'm not an alcohol drinker so I have to be a bit savvy in how to obtain them without paying much for them.  JoAnns has some in their floral department but they were quite plain, you can occasionally get some on ebay or etsy.  However, since I wanted quantity and variety I hit up a local Wine Store!  Just walked in and asked if they had any wine corks I could have or pay a couple dollars for and they loaded me up.  I go back every 2-3 weeks and tip the lady behind the counter $3-$5 or give her a cork I altered and she always seems happy to see me :)  I had started working on these a while back and a swap event over on The Craft Hole ( a Facebook group ) inspired me to finish them up.  I couldn't figure out if I wanted to do Steampunk or Beach / Sea inspired, so I combined the two themes.  I used a 3/4" metal washer, painted it, and E6000 glued it behind an oval glass dome for the large eye, did some wire wrapping and added some charm and crystal elements.  The eye reminded me a bit of a squid eye (except the shape) but round just didn't look right :P


Just on a different background so you can make out the flowers better.  These flowers and leaves are from I AM ROSES

Chain and Dangling Rhinestones are from jewelry I took apart -- the porcelain charlotte head with rhinestone collar and metal flower are by Amy Labbe (Art-i-Cake).

Back side

Side View


  1. Oh I love your style. I haven't ever seen altered corks. The nautical with lighthouse and squid is amazing!

  2. Oh you should make one! They're soooo fun and you can finish them in just a few hours :)