Monday, November 9, 2015

Making Witch Wands with 20 Year Old Green Eyed Salina, my eldest cat

Almost 20 years ago, my husband saved a tiny kitten by running off several children who had her pinned in the lower branches of a pine tree and were hitting her with large sticks.  We were so enraptured with her bright jade green eyes we never even bothered trying to find her original home.  She immediately joined our family and took over as nanny to our son.  Should I ever raise my voice to "her baby boy" I was immediately disciplined.  Once she even jumped and clawed my back.  I could get upset at other things, other people, even my husband (we did an experiment) and she didn't mind, just as long as I always had my emotions in check when dealing with our son.  She's never taken much interest in my crafting, whether I was knitting, paper crafting or making jewelry.  So today, when she came over, lay on the table and pulled a Lilac wood core wand that I was making for a Pagan friend under her head, (maybe I should research what Kyanite and Amethyst  does for kitties)  it was too darling to pass up, it was definitely time for a photo shoot.  I'm not sure the lady who ordered this wand is going to get it :) Salina its quite attached to it.

 Whenever I moved items around on the table she would pull this one specific wand back over toward her.  She had no interest in the other wand or items on the table, not even the twine.

I asked her if this wand "was her favorite", this was the look I got.  Says everything doesn't it?


 I was glared at when I suggested I should move it.  Looks like this wand order is going to take a little longer to fulfill.

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