Thursday, October 1, 2015

Handmade Runes (Rune Stones) for Halloween Psychics & Fortune Telling Props

That Fortune Teller at your Halloween party needs some props to be authentic - but if you don't want to spend a lot of $ on real engraved rocks make your own from clay! I bought a $5 block of polymer clay from Walmart, rolled it out, cut shapes and "engraved" the rune symbols by pressing a straight screwdriver edge into the clay before baking. You can search for symbols on the net, there are different sets with different meanings.  The set I used is found HERE . After baking for 15 minutes I colored them with Acrylic Paint (black) and alcohol inks (Adirondack Inks by Tim Holtz) and sealed with Triple Thick for a gloss finish.  Now the Fortune Teller is ready!

I made 2 sets, one with a 1-inch polygon shaped clay cutter (you could also use fondant cutters - they're like tiny cookie cutters).  The little 1/2-inch square runes are just cut out with a pizza cutter.  
So if your "Psychic" needs these, they take about 2 hours total and then let the coating dry over night.

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