Monday, April 27, 2015

Gothic Altered Microscope Slide Mailer Insane Asylum - CREEPY

Inspired by a fantastic altered slide video by RachO113 Altered Gothic Slide Mailer (The Craft Hole, a facebook craft group challenged its crafters) I altered a microscope slide mailer based on Edgar Allan Poe's quote, "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." I've always loved that quote.  Hope you enjoy the creepiness of it.  If you like the DARK side of Crafting :) join my Facebook Public Group where you can BUY, SELL, or SHOW OFF your crafts :) called JuJu Crafts on Facebook.

Tiny plastic half domes were glued onto the mailer before painting with black gesso to look like rivets and the resin hand is a cabochon molded (I only molded the hand and not the oval behind it).
Clipart is from internet search engines and for the numbers and words below the slide pictures I used Martha Stewart's Custom Stamp Setting Kit - the two headed skellie is ( like the hand above), resin poured into a cabochon mold.  

The back is a tag holder made from clipart with a smaller version printed and used on a small punched tag,  the skull is resin from a mold that I made from a Halloween necklace.

Inside, I wasn't too happy with the worded side .. I just couldn't find much fantastic INSANE clipart but I'm basically happy with how it turned out.

Thanks for looking.

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