Sunday, January 26, 2014

Evil Forest Button Fairy With Vintage Buttons

I hadn't even heard of these fun little creations (BUTTON FAIRIES) until there was a challenge on The Craft Hole (a FB craft group) after finding a clipart piece on the internet of an amazing fairy witch, I added some hand drawn wings embellished with Liquid Peals and Distress Inks and made her tail out of 2 large vintage buttons and a few newer ones, added some beads and crystals and a crown to her head and loved the result!


  1. I love fairies so I may have to give this a go. Adorable idea. My Dark Side is not as prevalent as yours so I will probably be using The Force to create some goodness-n-light button's with wings, vomited on by glitter. FUN!

  2. Your Evil Forest Fairy is gorgeous and inspiring, by-the-way.