Saturday, October 12, 2013

CAPTURED (and FORGOTTEN) DEAD FAIRY JAR / CAGE with Chunky Charm Dangle and Tag for Halloween

Well, I made this realllllly fast - but now I realize that I definitely HAVE to make a more detailed version as it gave me that inward "creepy fussy" feeling (as opposed to the warm fussies) -- Remember as a kid? You would catch bugs or lizards and just love them and put them in a jar ? Then days later you would find them all dry and dead.  You didn't water or feed them, didn't remember to turn them loose? Hey, I love a beautiful Captured Fairy Jar as much as the next person! but this is what happens when you forget to feed and water  them ... MWHAHAHAHA ... and yes I will be doing one a larger one with more embellies and scene in the future.  This is just a 30 minute version that you could easily make and give as a quick gift (dangle optional) for Halloween or Day of the Dead.

To get the little cheap dollar store skeletons to bend and fold, heat them with an embossing / heat gun, being sure not to melt them (or you) and bend them (while hot and bendy) to the position you want, hold them in place while they cool.  Then scrape and pull thin hot glue all over them.  Add alcohol inks for color after the hot glue dries.

Don't forget to age your cage !! woot "poet and didn't know it"

The flowers are synethic material cut in three different sizes of circles (no need to cut a perfectly round one) then scorch the edges with a flame.  Glue them together, put a glob of hotglue in the middle and quickly cover in the seedbead color of your choice.  Instead of flower leaves, I just used a fake autumn maple leaf behind the flower for leaves.  I made this tag really simple so you can just pop it out fast.  REMEMBER CRAFTERS - it's Halloween!  Don't measure edges, they're suppose to be creepy and uneven.
No comments needed about the sad state of my fingernails ... obviously I didn't listen to my mother when she tried to enforce "Fingernails are embellishments to adorn you, not TOOLS!"


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    1. Thanks Raeven :) you're always soooo kind.

  2. I'm soooo glad you joined me over here lol -- If you get a sec, join the blog, later in November I'm going to give-away a Tim Holtz die randomly to someone who is a blog follower!! I decided to stop using the PutTheGlueDown blog cuz I'm hoping to start a little .com business next year for crafts and embellies. Bought the domain name - now I just have to figure out how to use it! It will be at


  4. Thanks X .. getting kudos from both you talented ladies gives me the warm fuzzies!! :D

  5. This is the wow Factor Lisa , Love it Blessings and peace and creativity to you

    1. Thanks Stephen :) seems like we both love crafts with a little macabre :D