Monday, June 27, 2022

HONEY BEE JUNK JOURNAL created using custom digitals and products from Tim Holtz, Crafter's Companion and Anna Griffin

LOVE BEES!!! I so enjoyed creating this honeybee inspired Junk Journal, is there anything more cute than a close up of a bumblebee bum ? Please like and subscribe to the YouTube video. Like many crafters,I keep promising myself I'm going to start filming more of my crafts and doing a few more tutorials. I'm inspired to create, just not to pull out the camera, but I've found this blog, FB, YT, and Instagram make a great personal "journal" of things I've made. That way when I give them away or sell them I can still see my past creations. It lets me see how far I've come in my artsy, craftsy journey. Plus, those LIKES and SUBSCRIBE and comments make us crafters feel all mushy and happy inside. It's always nice to feel like somebody saw what we made and hopefully received a touch of inspiration to create their own. Thanks for stopping by the blog and watching the video. I will attach some of the digital images I put together to use in the journal so you can print them out however you wish. I'm not savvy with digital creation so I just saved them as JPG files (like a picture). Maybe someday this "old dog" will learn "New tricks" and I'll study on how to create digital image kit. Again, thanks for visiting my blog.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

CREEPY PILL BOXES using Apoxie Sculpt (altered tiny tins)

Used Apoxie Sculpt, resin, resin teeth and doll eyes, paints and waxes Oh what fun!! these are prototypes for Halloween sale items, so they need a few changes but thought I'd share the process so far
There's just something so wrong (and wonderful) about "hair" in resin ... this little mole gives me the HeebieJeebies when I touch it :D

Tuesday, January 25, 2022


I'm much too impatient to boil water and papers and stack them up and take them apart, so I made a faux version. A few crafters asked me to make a tutorial video so here it is. You could make it any colour you wanted, using any leaves you desire.
Here's the YouTube Video

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Dungeons & Dragons inspired Junk Journal with Apoxie Sculpt Dragon Eye Cover

so enjoyed making this one it is a monster thick journal so the video is long, but if you open the settings in YouTube you can adjust the playback speed

Sunday, October 3, 2021

(video tutorial) Creepy Rotten Mini Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns from Dollar Tree Pumpkins

so much fun taking the 3 for $1 Mini Pumpkin Clips and the $1 Foam Pumpkins from Dollar Tree and turning them into scary Halloween shelf decor. I did a tutorial (broken up into 3 parts) on YouTube (I'm a gabber so don't forget you can speed up videos in your settings if you don't want to hear me rattle on). Video 1 is the Carving and Melting, Video 2 is the Painting and Video 3 is the Teeth and Eyes.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Winter Fairy Handmade Card "Snowflake Kisses Winter Wishes" using Crafter's Companion Molly Harrison products

Realized (again) that I've been neglecting my blog in the midst of all other social media. Instead of playing "catch up" thought I'd just post a Winter Fairy card I made a bit ago using the gorgeous Poppies Of Amethys stamp set from Crafter's Companion (by artist Molly Harrison). I'm definitely not a colourists but Molly's stamps makes it easy. The tree is cut using a die designed by Sheena Douglass. A lot of UTEE and inks by Ranger and a little snowflake charm to finish it off. Hopefully my inspiration will remind me to post on the blog regularly. Hope you are all enjoying a little of winter's beauty during these trying times.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

DECOMPOSING DANIEL - the paper mache Apoxie rotting gourd Halloween Home Decor / Prop (PUMPKIN, SQUASH)

We all have those goto YT channels of people that inspire our creativity.  One of mine is Eduardo Talbert who creates Monster Tutorial videos.  If you love making at home ooey gooey and Halloween decor and props he brings it down-to-earth with supplies that most of us have (if you're a crafty person) or that you can easily get.  Recently I watch his ROTTEN GOURD TUTORIAL and was inspired.  He used a foam home decor gourd from Hobby Lobby (I think) but I didn't have one and no way to get to a craft store while the creative juices were flowing so I knew I had to come up with an alternative.  

I grabbed a bunch of plastic bags from previous shopping trips and taped them in the shape I wanted using masking tape (something PVA glue will adhere to).  My poofy "armature" ended up being close to 15 inches tall.  I added a layer of single-ply paper towels by brushing them (saturating) in a mixture of 1/2 PVA (Elmer's) glue and 1/2 water - you can always make more so start of with a 1/2 cup each.  After a few projects I found it was just easier to buy Elmer's by the gallon (from either Walmart (right now as of Sept. 2020 a gallon of Elmer's is $11) or Amazon).  LET THAT LAYER DRY COMPLETELY.   I then added a strong piece of curled wire in the "handle" end to hang a leaf.

Then add additional layers of single-ply paper towel strips or newspaper you've torn to strips.  Allow to dry completely every 2-3 layers so you don't end up with trapped moisture and a potential for mold or soft spots.  I only did about 6 layers but if I had it to do again, I'd probably do at least 10-12 - especially if I was going to sell it.

For the final layer (or two) start squishing and wrinkling the paper strips to give texture.  The final layer is toilet paper because it makes a much more detailed surface of lumps, creases and bumps.

Let thoroughly dry.

Paint a base coat with acrylic paint or spray paint. I used acrylic brush on for Daniel and did a primary coat with purple chalk paint (mixing Waverly Chalk Paint (a red and blue) to get a base.   

You can see the variety of plastic bags inside.  I decided to leave them to help hold up the teeth. 

After it dried I cut out a mouth shape and little holes where I wanted the nose and eyes and packed in some aluminum foil.  Painted the foil black and sealed to mache with a little resin.  

I used Apoxie Sculpt for a tongue and eyebrows.  Since there's a lot of little nieces and nephews coming by I wanted something sturdy in case a little hand decided to pull on the tongue.  Added in premade eyes and painted the rest.

A metal leaf  taken off a Dollar Tree Halloween decor piece added the right touch after being dabbed with brown and gray paint. 

For the fuzzy "mold" see the Monster Tutorial video linked above in the first paragraph.

Friday, September 4, 2020

The ANGRY POPTART Perpetual Calendar with lots of tongue and fangs made with Apoxie and Resin

 I found an inexpensive perpetual calendar but it was fairly plain.  Added some cold porcelain handmade teeth and some APOXIE and giggled when my adult son critiqued, "It looks like an angry PopTart."  I just love him ... hairy moles and all

This is what it looked like to start with 

Monday, August 31, 2020


Months ago I started playing around with some fabric, resin and clay and out he came in his toothy glory.  He is already in his new home with a loving owner but I just had to share his wonky little face and body, I love his look, and his little clay heart, with matching stick pins, all tucked into a resin coffin.   From what he whispered in my ear, Mr. Stitches should have a sister arriving sometime around Halloween who will be looking for a home.  Although he decided to stay in the "buff" ~ she will most likely have on some holiday attire.  

He's almost 2 foot tall and seemed to like the dark places where the  creepy crawly things lurk in the corners. - here's pictures of him hiding in the basement on top of a permanently stained old freezer, he wouldn't let me look inside, wonder what (or who) he's hiding in there?  

Do you feel the Autumn breezes rolling in?

A little view of the backside